I am secretly, perfectly tall


eleventh hour

bukan aku taknak kawankawan aku happy,
bukan aku taknak kawankawan aku enjoy,
bukan aku lokek nak berkongsi entertainment,
bukan aku apaapa,

i know a good friend must always support his/her friends,
but only a real friends will tell you when your face is dirty,
isn't it?

i do admit i have so much joy in this 'entertainment',
but i couldn't deny i do regret of starting this thing,
and i don't want any of my friends commit enjoyment like i did
because we have so much other interesting and good ways to enjoy, right?

and i know, i didn't know you for a long period,
like she did, or her or her,
i maybe no-ones for you to count on or trust to,
but i really hates the fake smiles from your face
resulted from this 'entertainment',

it is only a plastic surgery for your smile,
you have problems but you still can smile and laugh,
you stress out of something but you can dance like nothing happens.

i want your sweet-natural smile like always you.
your egoistic, your high value, your natural.

i dont want you to be like me.
my outer is 24-hours happy,
but my inner is such a fucking-doom.

i maybe not a good friend.
but i just love you.

in anyhow, it's your choice,
but i just love you.