I am secretly, perfectly tall


suddenly, you appeared.

some people say, the best people come in your life when you least expect it. i was depressed and my heart broken. you put back pieces of my heart and taught me what is mean to be loved. the real feeling.

i love when we were walking and you suddenly took my hand as it would have been the most natural thing in the world. i love the way you let me sleep against your shoulder. snuggle. chest to chest, arms around each other, legs tangled and cheek to cheek. the hours spent just to sit beside you and do nothing is everything to me. 

i did not even notice when did i fell in love with you. with every piece of you. 

everyone said i've changed. in only two months, i learn how to appreciate myself and became a better person. no one could ever do what you did and i love you for that.

you are so much a matter to me.

still i pray, each day, for us to keep loving each other till the end.

i swear it is the best feeling ever ; to love someone that really loves me.

"i love you for not what you are,
but for what i am when i am with you"