I am secretly, perfectly tall



untuk peringatan, setiap 'maaf' bagi setiap kesalahan tak akan selalunya di balas dengan 'tak mengapa,' walaupun kau betulbetul maksudkannya. kau akan rasa sakit, pedih dan perit terutamanya yang tak maafkan kau adalah antara orang yang kau paling sayang. but for me, it's not a big deal. atleast you have said sorry, admit your mistakes and promised not to do again. 
yeah, i dont like chances. a sorry for me is not begging for another chance. you've failed until you made mistake. so, you just not onto that thing. be sorry for what you cant do. chances come when the person-you-beg-forgiveness say you are given another chance. so, after sorry, dont easily think you worth another chance.

people might say, everybody deserve a second chance. but for me, the first one is more than enough, you dont have to waste it. but, it is considerable especially for the ones who i love most. yes, the world is unfair. so do i. i'm biased. anything wrong?

"you never get the second chance to make the first impression"