I am secretly, perfectly tall



I was browsing all the old pictures from 2010 till now. i dont have a lot, but the memories are.  friends, lovers, haters semua didokumenkan dengan cukup nais. Tak kisahlah berapa ramai yang dah berubah dan berapa ramai kawan yang datang dan pergi. But we will still miss the memories, dont we? Sama ada manis mahupun pahit, we were there, and survive till now.

Pernah ada kekasih yang meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan. Pernah membenci dan kemudian menyayangi. Betapa magicalnye masa tu kan?

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out" 

I learnt a lot about friendship. Hati aku tak besar. Kecik je. Tapi, once I put someone in, they will stay forever. I once lost a friendship that I thought would last forever. People I once trust, showed me the opposite. 

But, God is fair enough for me. 

Although I lost the friendship, I built more valuable friendship with others. My now bestfriends. They were my classmates when I was taking diploma. But at that time, we were not this close. Just what I said, time makes magic. 

Since I have no boyfriend, instead of family, I realizes that I have only a few people who can I rely on. I dont have many. But they are more than enough. It is better than having a huge group of friends when they are care less about you. Lastly, having a few valuable friendship with people who have your back is always worth so much more.

Takguna kawan sejuta tapi takde yang menangis time kita sedih. Who wont worry much when we are sick and do nothing to make us happy. Serious takde guna.

However, I am not a good friend. I dont do much for my friends. When they have problems, I failed to help. I have no money. I have no-talent to entertain. I am useless. Instead, they always there for me. Lift me up when i'm down  and lend me shoulder for me to cry on. 

I love you all, friends. Especially Fara Nazri and Diyana Pfordten.

"Yang tinggal itu kawan, yang pergi itu bukan,"

- i love the memories but i dont want to get back into those time because my present is so much more better-