I am secretly, perfectly tall



Does anyone know me?
I mean, really know about me,
instead of my name and my age

Does anyone care to pity?
I mean, have an empathy,
not only the sympathy.

This is a very-very sad entry,
wrote by a very sad and pathetic girl,
whose call her self a corpse
instead of a breathing human.

what more can i wish,
when i am trying but they keep me falling.

I have a lot of friends,
and a guy that i love the most,
but then, i still felt empty,
and misery.

I have loved, but then they left.
I have trusted, but then they betrayed.
I have cared, but then they dont.
tell me, am i wrong for not trusting nobody
I asked God,
How could all this happened,
when i have stopped drinking, socializing.
and trying to be a better person?
This cruel-cruel world,
robing and killing one by one of my dreams.

Am I too ugly?
Am I smell too bad?
Am I too stupid?
Am I that bad?
To get into their life?

Did i have to pay for a sincere hug?
spent all the money i have in my bank?
Did i have to force myself to stop care all about this?
or just fake that i am living with bliss.

later, the corpse that you see,
will dying in lunacy and misery.

this entry address for nobody,
whose i hope a person that really care for me,
and convince me that everything will be fine,
without i have to feel the mistrust one more time.

because only nobody can be trusted.

call me stupid, psycho for all my skeptic.
when you have spoil all the trust and love.
you guys win.
my love and my friends.